Ukraine war: Call to change Wales’ pet quarantine rules

Ukrainians who have fled to Wales to escape the war with Russia have been upset by quarantine rules for their pets, which are different to other UK nations.

Anna Komrakova, who fled from Kyiv to Montgomery, Powys, had to leave her cats in quarantine and is worried about them.

She thought her cats would have to quarantine for a week, but weeks have turned into months and they are still in a cattery.

“They are like our family,” she said.

Meanwhile, Darya Holodnika, who settled in Conwy, is upset her one-year old pug in still in quarantine despite having had all his vaccinations.

The Welsh government said it wanted to do all it could to ensure people seeking refuge in Wales could be reunited with their pets as quickly and safely as possible.

“We also need to protect the health and welfare of all animals in Wales by reducing the risk of exposing them to diseases such as rabies,” it added.

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